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          Easy worn out parts & Spare parts equipments (六类)

          1.Front & back side panel

          产品 1.  90m,135m roller box front panel

          产品 2.
          90m roller box back side panel

          2). Spiral bevel gear& bevel gear box

          产品 3.
          90m spiral bevel gear of bevel gearbox

          产品 4 .
          90m spiral bevel gear

          产品 5.  Bevel gearbox spiral gear

          产品6. 135m bevel gearbox spiral gear

          3). Shaft of roller box

          产品   7.     84m,90m roll shaft of roller box

          产品 8.  135m roll shaft of roller box

          产品 9.  84 m roll shaft of roller box

          4. Bevel gearbox & roller box

          产品 10.
          84m Bevel gearbox, roller box

          产品 11.  84m 8″bevel gearbox, roller box group

          产品 12.  84m 6″bevel gearbox, roller box group

          产品 13.
          84m bevel gearbox, roller box group

          产品14.  84m 6″roller box

          产品15.  90m 8″roller box

          10″roller box

          产品 17  84m 6″roller box

          产品 18.
          84m 6″roller box

          产品 19.
          90m 6″roller box

          产品 20.  135m 6″roller box

          5). Eccentric Locking Collar

          产品21.     Eccentric Locking Collar

          90m,135m Eccentric Locking Collar

          6). Other spare parts

          产品23.  6″8″10″taper sleeve

          产品24.  90m bevel gearbox core part

          产品25.  10″roller box adjustment feed screw and nut

          90m 6″8″adjustment feed screw and nut

          90m roller box sealing ring

          90 m slip ring

          产品29     135m6″8″eccentric disc

          产品30  135m slip ring

          产品31.  135m adjustment feed screw and nut

          产品 32.  135m taper sleeve  

          135m bevel gearbox Counter shaft

          Protective cap

          PS: 以上所有的小零部件都可以写同样的描述:

          The rolling mill is including many component parts. If lack of any part of this machinery can not complete the job properly. And there is a separate function and greater parts.

          After several years of rapid development, the new design theory and methods, new materials, the emergence of new technology, machinery parts into a new stage of development, good processing properties can be greatly reduced processing power, and material consumption,

          Shorten cycle times and lower scrap rates, etc., reduce product costs.

          To ensure that components can work in the specified operating conditions and during the life of our parts are all provisions must meet the following requirements:

          1、Sufficient strength

          To ensure that components do not occur in the external force destruction, a prerequisite when components can work properly, so the strength of the component is the ability to resist damage in the external force components.

          2 Has sufficient rigidity

          Deformation under external force generating components within the limits should be allowed. Ability to resist deformation components in the external force, that is, members have stiffness.

          3、 Has sufficient stability

          Components the ability to maintain the original form of balance.

          In short, the strength, rigidity and stability and mechanical properties of materials used in the relevant

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